Why We're Different


Well actually, both. The original American Dream of owning your own home is now an old-fashioned way of looking at things. Your own "four walls" is now a major investment, if not a full-fledged profit center for you. This means that to regard your Realtor as just a Real Estate Agent is shortsighted; your Realtor is really an investment counselor with a particular specialty.

This is how the Mihara Team thinks. Our Associates aren't just good at selling, we understand investing as well. When you ask us how to make money at Real Estate, we'll tell you. And because all of us have come from other profit-making ventures, we'll show you how to maximize your housing profit potential.

But Mihara & Associates, Inc. doesn't stop there. Because your present home is your present investment, it needs to be marketed as something more than just a house. IT HAS TO BE MARKETED AS THE NEXT PERSON'S INVESTMENT. Can you see the difference? We do, and this is where we excel. We personally invest in real estate, profitably.

All the Realtors at Mihara & Associates, Inc. can do, at the very minimum, these five things well:

  • Sell, sell well, and sell honestly
  • Know how to invest in housing
  • Listen to you
  • Act appropriately on what they've heard (i.e. customer service)
  • Negotiate well
  • Regardless of who your personal associate is, you get competence, professionalism, and access to some of the best brains in the business – and that's regardless of the commission schedule you choose.

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